About us

Industry-acclaimed natural hair expert and celebrity hairstylist Tasheara Neshell founded Park Avenue CURLS of Dallas as a resource for women with textured hair. Having over ten years of experience working with natural hair, Tasheara mastered an integral process of nurturing and growing healthier hair while enhancing the natural beauty of each client she serves. Tasheara is committed to using professional high-grade products and advanced techniques that are proven to achieve healthy, thriving hair. Tasheara has appeared on The Real Day Time TV, educated for Revlon, and Colomer, and styled a  host of celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Jurnee Smollett, Tika Sumpter, Angela Simmons, Viola Davis, and many more. Tashearas’ love for high self-esteem in women and their natural beauty led her to establish a “Home of Healthy Hair,” where every woman with multicultural textures and naturally curly hair can receive services specialized to their hair type.

Our Mission

To embody the beauty of high self-esteem and natural zeal through one’s vision, one’s hair”. -Tasheara Neshell

Our Values

We value the customer experience for our clients and our staff. We execute the great use of time by communicating effectively and ensuring proper education so that our clients can feel as knowledgeable about natural hair as we are. We believe that beauty is a choice. A choice to see your true self, naturally healthy.